What is a BID?

The purpose of a BID is to deliver services and projects that improve the trading environment and support economic growth. The services and projects must be additional to services already provided by local authorities and the police. The proposed projects and services for Morpeth have been developed through consultation with all those businesses and stakeholders affected.  If successful at ballot, a BID company is established and governed by a Board of Directors recruited from within the business community.

The proposed BID for Morpeth covers the town centre and is within a defined geographical boundary stretching from the top of Newgate Street to the Railway Station, north to south and from High Stanners to Low Stanners, East to West.

If successful, businesses within the BID boundary agree to fund the company through a compulsory levy.

The objectives of Morpeth BID are:

  • To improve the economic opportunities for businesses in the town
  • To increase footfall, spend and dwell time
  • To work with partners to make the town more attractive and appealing to visitors
  • To work with others to better promote the town to a local, regional, national and international audience
  • To improve access and wayfinding in the town and make it easier to navigate the town
  • To build on our well-established events and make them even better
  • To capitalise on Morpeth’s rich heritage and work with partners to bring this heritage to life through events and interpretation
  • To organise advice, training and support for businesses
  • To enable a strong, unified, business voice
  • To support local organisations whose aims align with the BID
  • To work with partners to improve the town, address challenges and secure the best possible future for Morpeth
  • To aim to make the BID “cost neutral” for as many businesses as possible

Prospectus and business plan